The company profile

Our company is a continuation of a family business,  that was founded  in 1991 by its founder Vasilis Chatzis.

In February 2009 the ownership of the company passed to the younger generation, to Constantina Chatzi, which took over the reins with great appetite to create.

Constantina is assured to have a successful career path because  she is surrounded by a guardian family tradition, while not ignoring the value of scientific knowledge, Master degree in "Food Sience of Agricultural" University of Athens with thesis research of "Nutritional and physicochemical characteristics of traditional products based on milk.".

With the passage of the new generation of business in early 2009, we left our old workshop to build a brand new facility according to the latest standards, fully compliant and focused on our subject. This is a very serious targeted actions.

Our objectives are the complete satisfaction of our customers, maintaining the tradition and the high quality of our pasta, and this depends largely on the raw materials we use.

So our company operates its site, using 100% the rural character of the region's Armenio. All raw materials for the manufacture of our pasta (wheat and flour, eggs and milk) are derived strictly from local  producers.

Βιοτεχνία παραδοσιακών ζυμαρικών Χατζή Μηχανή παραγωγής ζυμαρικών βιοτεχνίας Χατζή Αρμένιο Λάρισας Στέγντηριο βιοτεχνίας παπαδοσιακών ζυμαρικών Χατζή  τραχανάς - χυλοπίτες  Τραχανάς - χυλοπίτες - κριθαράκι - κοφτό μακαρονάκι Βιοτεχνία παραδοσιακών ζυμαρικών Χατζή